New report on average penis size

New report on average penis size

Guess what … we finally have some real scientific data on average penis size.  Yesterday the British Journal of Urology published a study in which they aggregated data from 17 previously published academic papers that included measurements (as opposed to self reporting) from more than 15,000 men.  Drum roll please…

Penis Size Stats:

The average size of a man’s flaccid penis is 3.6 inches and the average erect penis size is 5.1 inches. The corresponding girth (circumference) is 3.6 inches for a flacid penis and 4.6 for an erect one.  What was most interesting was how few outliers there were within the sample of 15,ooo men.

And ladies, the report debunked the myth that penis size is linked to height, body mass or shoe size.

I was so happy to read this report because so many men are unsatisfied and have shame about the size of their penis.  There’s no question in my mind that pornography bears a lot of the blame by showing men with a penis size that is well outside of the norm.  A 6.3 inch penis length falls in the 95th percentile!

So guys,  let’s all please relax about the size of your penis. Stop taking supplements that don’t do anything. Stop trying to stretch your penis and don’t consider penile implants.  As all women know, it’s not penis size that matters, it’s knowing how to use it that does matter.

3 responses to “New report on average penis size”

  1. Xanet says:

    Wow–I think I freaked out a lot of men with this post! The penis girth is the circumference not the width!

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  3. Pierre Seven says:

    I once participated in a PhD student’s research programme that included relevance of penis size to female sexual enjoyment…her research elements included 2-step measurement of male genitals by her AND subsequently by a medically qualified nurse.

    In my case, the erect length of my penis was (is) 7.2inches/18.22cm. The average of the 8 male participants (we were all volunteers) was 5.6 inches.

    The latter phase of the research progamne definitely indicated that the size of my penis made no marked difference in the feelings of sexual pleasure experienced by the 4 female participants compared with the other males who were mostly of average size.

    That surprised me a little at the time but nowadays I smile whenever I see (frequently !) ‘does size matter’ questions, mostly from guys either anxious about their size or boasting.

    And the best thing for me is that I can be completely relaxed when making sexual love with a girl because I am aware they care more about the aesthetics of my penis, and how I use it to please them sexually (including prolonged foreplay, because it isn’t always just about my pleasure but hers too !)

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