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We are beautifully complicated creatures and so is our sexuality. There are often many layers to unpack—body image issues, inability to surrender, shame, not knowing what we want, intimacy challenges and the impact of abuse and trauma…just to name a few.. You have your own unique set of circumstances and my one-on-one coaching program will be individually geared to meet your needs so that you can fully embrace your body, your sexuality and your pleasure.

Some of the issues we may work on include:

Dating and Relationships
Whether you are a single woman, in a relationship, or transitioning out of a long term relationship, it is challenging for many women to express themselves sexually and communicate their intimacy desires. Women have been socialized to have shame around sex and body image, to fear unleashing our passion, and to be a passive recipient, rather than an active receiver. I will help you understand your sexual desires and get comfortable asking for what you want.

Low Sexual Desire and Better Orgasms

Many women struggle with orgasm and feel a lot of pressure to perform. Women have a hard time turning off their brain, relaxing, and surrendering to physical pleasure and sensations. Understanding the anatomy of female arousal and your own unique arousal pattern will allow you to better communicate your needs and desires. Learn new tools to increase your sexual energy, discover your feminine side and find your “sexy”. Find new ways to enhance your sexual pleasure, increase your orgasmic potential, and experience prolonged ecstasy and bliss.

Sexual Abuse and Trauma

One in four women experience some form of sexual abuse and trauma including non-consensual touch, pain during intercourse, and wounds from medical procedures (GYN exams, C-Sections, episiotomies, etc). Women who have experienced trauma are five times more likely to have challenges with sex, including painful intercourse, problems having an orgasm, and feeling numb.

“I went into this feeling anxious – like I was opening a Pandora’s box I’d long held shut – but left feeling safe to – slowly and at my pace – explore the unresolved emotional issues (shame) that have prevented full sexual expression and interrupted my pleasure/confidence/power. You’re in good hands with Xanet.” – R.B. Sacramento, CA

“Working with you gave me the space to be vulnerable, relaxed and finally own my own feelings. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity”.
– R.B. Sacramento, CA
“In my very first session with Xanet I felt more open and vocal about my sexuality than I have ever been. Xanet created a safe space where I felt supported and accepted as I am and where I am. That allowed me to unearth some things that I didn’t realize were in the way of me having the sexual freedom that I am seeking. What an empowering experience! “
– Nicole
“Xanet has cultivated a level of compassion and understanding that is an amazing gift. At a recent appointment she demonstrated the power of touch, of re-contextualizing memories, and how important it is to feel heard and understood. I knew these in theory before, but hadn’t realized how absent they were in my life and exactly what I was missing”.
– B.K., San Francisco
“I experienced warm, sensitive bodywork and breath sessions with Xanet. As a licensed therapist, I was impressed with her coaching, communication, and intuitive skills. She created an atmosphere of trust and safety.”
– Stella, San Francisco
Wow! This woman really listens to the body! “I had a fabulous revealing to me session with Xanet and feel seen and held. I am glad for the realizations and new awareness in my body facilitated by her. I am excited for more!” – Laura S