Freeing the Female Orgasm: Dance Your Way to Orgasm

Freeing the Female Orgasm: Dance Your Way to Orgasm

Do you love to dance the night away?

Well here’s a fun tip… you can dance your way to a female orgasm.  Dancing with your partner in a fun and sexy way before lovemaking helps both of you get into your bodies and sets the mood for sex.  This is a great thing to do, especially while touching each other all over.  I call this the Warm Up Dance, but it’s not the same as the Orgasm Dance.   Moving your body during arousal increases your sexual energy and helps free up orgasms.  Feeling an arousal rhythm in your body allows you to sink really deeply into the experience and spread sexual energy throughout your body.

 Try This:

Start by lying on your back with your knees bent and gently rock your hips and pelvis back and forth and then in little circles.  Breathe deeply into the rocking motion feeling your whole pelvic area awaken.  You can also try this standing up.  Add some sexy music to get you in the mood and continue to breath.   Try a  charging breath  during this exercise and see how your body responds.


Many women like vibrations so become a human vibrator.  While lying on your back start shaking your hands and arms really fast, then add some leg and pelvis shaking.  Shake your body as hard and fast as you can while continuing to breathe.  The shaking motion stirs up lots of energy and moves it all around the body.

The next time you are having sex and are starting to get aroused, try the Orgasm Dance.  Move with your body and breath, feel the arousal rhythm, add vibrations.  Have your partner caress your breasts, your genitals, and stroke your clit, while you are moving to the rhythms in your body.  Try different breathing techniques, slow steady breath, the charging breath, and dance your way to orgasm.


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    I think this is really great. A good alternative in your usual foreplay. I’m excited to try this one. have a great day!

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