Freeing the Female Orgasm: Breathe Your Way to Orgasm

Freeing the Female Orgasm: Breathe Your Way to Orgasm

Did you know that you can breathe your way to female orgasm without any genital touch? It’s really true. Watch this video…  It does take lots of practice and good instruction.  A great thing to strive for but let’s first focus on breathing your way to orgasm with genital touch.

There are different types of breath and they produce different results.   Long,  slow, deep breaths causes our body to relax which is really important as arousal is building.  Fast charging breaths increase arousal and build up heat and sexual energy.  Using a combination of these breathing techniques is key to freeing up orgasm.

Try the charging breath:

Sit in a chair with feet on the ground and exhale.  As you exhale, push the air out by rapidly pulling your navel to your spine and whisper the word “Ha” on each exhale.  The emphasis is on the exhale and the inhale comes naturally.  Put your hand on your diaphragm to focus your attention there.  Do the charging breath for 1 minute, building up to 2-3 minutes.  The charging breath is great before or during sex and it also helps wake you up at any time that you feel like you’re spacing out.

A variation on the charging breath which I really like is two quick inhales into the nose and an exhale out through the mouth with a “Ha” sound.  This is the same breath that they teach women to use during childbirth contractions.  In fact, there are a lot of physiological similarities between orgasms and childbirth, but that is for a future blog post!

Stay tuned for Part Four:  Oh, Oh, Orgasm…

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