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How to Have Great Sex Using Your Tantric Energy

How to Have Great Sex Using Your Tantric Energy

You obviously found this blog because you are interested in how to have great sex. You are not alone, and practicing tantra is a great way to form a connection with not only your partner but also yourself.

​Picture this: A room full of people who are writhing on the floor in an orgasmic state, having energetic orgasms, and they all have their clothes on! It sounds like great sex, I can say from experience it was!

Intriguing right?…read on…

This actually happened to me while I was at an Energetic Sex workshop. It was run by a renown sex geek and master teacher.

While I have had my share of energetic orgasms, this class took energetic sex to a whole new level for me.

First, let me explain what energetic sex is.

You usually experience it as waves running through your body.  Sometimes it feels stronger like your body is lightly convulsing or shaking.

Many people already experience this type of energy with a genital orgasm.  But energy orgasms can happen without any type of genital touch.

You might feel sensation begins around your tailbone and then run up the back of your spine.  Or it might start in another part of your body.

Often we experience energy as heat or tingling, especially in our arms, hands, legs, and face.

Don’t forget that your whole body is made up of energy and energy can be generated through lots of different activities, including sex.

In traditional Tantra, one accesses a higher state of energetic consciousness through tantric breathing, or simple breathwork. If you want to learn how to have an energy orgasm through breath check out this video.  I promise it will lead to some truly great orgasms.

But there are other ways to access energy that does not involve breath work which may work better for some people.

Imagine that there are two tuning forks in the room.  It is a scientific fact that when you strike one tuning fork the other tuning fork vibrates at the same frequency.

Applying this same principle to the energy field of human bodies, it is possible to tune into someone else’s energy body and find their note, which is the frequency at which they vibrate.

You can then increase the vibrations by turning up your own energy dial.  Adding touch will increase pleasure and sensation.

​Try this to feel a tantric energy exchange:

Face your partner and rub your hands together vigorously for about one minute until you can feel lots of heat in the palms of your hands.  

Then open your hands and place them across from your partner’s hands but not touching, approximately 6 inches away.   

Slowly move your hands away from each other and then back together.  

Notice if you feel anything between your hands or any type of resistance when you pull them apart and push them back together.  

Any type of sensations that you feel between your hands is an energetic connection.  

You can also try this with your eyes closed and see if you can “energetically” feel each other’s hands.

Rub your hands together and place them six inches away from the center of your partner’s chest (known in Tantra as the heart chakra).  

With your eyes closed, see if you can energetically sense their body and feel their vibration.  

Once you have found it, start moving your hands to different parts of their body, including their genitals.

​Turn up your own energy and see what kind of effect it has on your partner. If you have never played with energy before, this may take a bit of practice.  

But don’t be discouraged because you didn’t learn to drive a car in one day either!

Want to learn more? Check out Part 2 where I will explain how to use breath to have an energetic orgasm.


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