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Your Guide to Cannabis and Sex

Your Guide to Cannabis and Sex

Have you ever considered using Cannabis or CBD oil to spice things up in the bedroom? Most people haven’t but you might want to consider it for a future date night. Individuals that have been smoking Cannabis have always claimed that everything tastes, smells and feels so much better while high, and recent studies have shown they just might be telling the truth!

Recently there have been a few studies to help link the use of CBD and THC to positive sexual experiences. One are these studies surveyed over 1000 people that used CBD products for sexual purposes.  68% of users said it improved their sexual experience and even more said it helped them relax and improved their overall mood. This study makes a strong case for using Cannabis in the bedroom.

With the increased legalization of Cannabis and CBD products containing THC,  it is becoming a viable choice to help you spice up your sex life. There are definitely some pros and cons when mixing Cannabis with sex because it affects people in different ways. So let’s break it down and talk about the variety of products,  the pros and cons of using Cannabis, and some recommendations on how to use it safely and effectively.

Types of Products:

  1.       Smoking- The most common way to use Cannabis is by smoking a joint or using a vape pen with THC. For those of you, like me, with super sensitive lungs, vape pens are a much better and healthier option.
  2.       Edibles— Edibles come in all shapes and sizes from gummies, to chocolate, to elixers. Edibles can pack a very powerful punch as the THC is absorbed in your stomach and blood stream.  Also it’s often challenging to find out how strong the dose is so be sure to start small. We have all heard of ‘pot brownies’ but if those brownies also included other libido inducing and hormone boosting ingredients it could be the start to a super fun and delicious night!
  3.       CBD Oil- There are two types of CBD Oil, oil extracted from hemp plants, which are legal in every state and do not contain THC, and oil extracted from Cannibus buds which can contain THC. Even the hemp based CBD oils have been demonstrated to help you relax and reduce stress, all of which we want when we’re having sex.
  4.       Vaginal creams and suppositories– There are a variety of new CBD/Cannabis related vaginal creams and suppositories on the market, and more that will be released in 2019. There’s not a ton of data yet on the impact of Cannabis creams and suppositories, but we expect more in the next year from Canada, which has legalized Cannabis and has numerous exciting scientific studies underway.  However, user reports and qualitative data demonstrate a relief from period pain, relaxation of vaginal muscles and tightness. Also since the mucous in the vagina is quite thin, you may also experience a high.

The Pros and Con:


  1.       Increased Desire & Sensitivity– Cannabis is a natural way to increase your libido and opens your brain and body to the ability to have more heightened senses. Because you feel more relaxed, euphoric and emotional while using THC or CBD products, there is a strong likelihood that you’ll have more physical sensations and feel more connected with your body and your partner’s body.  
  2.       Time Seems to Slow Down– When you are in an altered state of consciousness, your perception of time changes. Cannabis users claim that time stretches out to vast amounts and feels like hours when only minutes have past. Timelessness is always a good thing when we want to create and strengthen intimacy.
  3.       Intense Orgasms – Intense orgasm are directly related to your increased desire, sensitivity and ability to perceive time. Orgasms on Cannabis can feel more intense, seem like they last longer, and the ability to be more relaxed makes it easier for women to have multiple orgasms.


  1.       Dose Effect– Moderation is the name of the game. The right dosage can greatly enhance your sex life, the wrong one can ruin the night, making you sleepy, lethargic and unable to perform. This is one of the biggest challenges especially if you have never used cannabis or are an infrequent user. If you are new to Cannabis, use a small does, give it 15 minutes or so to kick in, and then decide whether you want more.
  2.       Vaginal Dryness– Cotton mouth is one of the most common side effects of Cannabis. Apparently the Cannabis affects the ability for your saliva glands to function properly. Biologically, the mouth is very similar to the vagina, in terms of the mucous membranes and ability to create lubrication. So vaginal dryness can occur when you use Cannabis products. The solution is easy; make sure that you have lots of lubrication on hand and avoid penetration until you are sufficiently lubricated.
  3.       Reduced Decision-Making Ability– While under the influence, regardless if it’s Cannabis, alcohol or something else, your ability to make rational decisions sharply decreases. Consent therefore becomes an issue. I highly recommend only experimenting with Cannabis and sex with a partner you know and trust.


Usage Recommendations

  1.       Start Small: This is to ensure that you do not fall victim to the dosage effect. Getting just the right amount can be tricky, so start small you can always up the amount the next time, if you didn’t get the desired effects.
  2.       Have lube handy: THC dries up your glands, especially if you are smoking, so hydrate before and be prepared for ‘cotton’ mouth in case it does happen!
  3.       What to expect- Slow down, you will have increase desire and sensitivity and possibly more intense orgasms. Let your body adjust and experience pleasure, there is no rush!


Finding Your Products

If you’re in a Cannabis friendly state, find a legal and reputable Cannabis dispensary. There are hundreds of different strains, all with different effects, so be sure to talk to the the budtender and discuss what will work best for you. I’m a big fan of CBD based products from ForiaPleasure, which make products specifically for the bedroom, both THC and non-THC blends.  I also like many of the Hemp based CBD oil products contained in this review.

Let us know what works for you in the comments!  


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