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Words of Wisdom from Margot Anand: Grandmother of Tantra

Words of Wisdom from Margot Anand: Grandmother of Tantra
Grandmother of Tantra.Margot Anand

Margot Anand and Ecstatic Living Institute Teachers

Last week I had the immense pleasure of spending a week with Margot Anand, the self proclaimed grandmother of Tantra.  At age 73, Margot is beautiful, full of grace, humor, wonderful stories and lots of wisdom.  I thought it would be appropriate to end 2016 by sharing some of the pearls I gleaned from her.

“One of the keys of Tantra is being desireless at the height of desire”

This principle is about not having expectations, of being completely present and in the flow.  Even in the height of desire, just be with and enjoy what is.

As a woman you are a free human being whether you are in a relationship or not”

Your primary relationship is always with yourself first.  That is where freedom comes from.  Even if you are in a relationship, your desires need to be freely expressed and heard.

Awaken the guru between your legs”

Your sex, as Margot calls the Yoni (Vagina) and Vajra ( Penis), has a lot to teach you if you can listen.

As soon as Vajra and Yoni comes together, it becomes more difficult to stay detached”

The act of sexual intercourse changes the relationship between a couple and begins to tie them together in a more emotional way.  This is especially true for women who often  equate sex with emotional intimacy and love.  Tantra teaches us ways to connect with each other at a higher level that does not need to include the act of intercourse.

It’s time to detach yourself from the famous erection”

Men can have amazing sexual experiences whether or not they have an erection.  Sexual energy can flow and orgasms can happen with a totally soft penis.

“Sex is like peanuts, the more you eat them, the more you want them”

Good sex and lots of pleasure brings on the desire for more sex and more pleasure.  Remember that for women, desire follows arousal.

Bliss is always available if you listen and be silent”.

This was perhaps one of the most powerful teachings for me.  The experience of being in pure bliss during some meditations and practices was incomparable to any other experience I’ve had, other than deeply connected Tantric sex.  It’s what’s keeps me going back for more!

If you want to really get to know Margot Anand, check out her new “tell all” book, “Love, Sex and Awakening”, it’s juicy and a page turner!  To learn more about Sky Dancing Tantra and how you can experience ecstatic bliss, visit The Ecstatic Living Institute. 

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