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Transforming Lives One Tantra Workshop at a Time

Transforming Lives One Tantra Workshop at a Time

Picture this… You are in a room with 28 strangers on day one of a seven day intensive Tantra workshop.   You don’t know what’s going to happen, you don’t know the people in the room, you don’t know what baggage they are bringing with them, and how events are going to unfold. You only know that you are on some sort of journey and you prepare yourself for the ride ahead of you.

Welcome to the Skydancing Tantra Love and Ecstasy Training Level One with Steve and Lokita Carter. Over the next seven days you witness miracles happen. Hearts that have been shut down and frozen for decades start to melt open. Childhood wounds that have never even been acknowledged surface in powerful Gestalt like exercises where you have the opportunity to hear from your “parents” the words that you were longing to hear as a child. To know that you can trust them, that they love you even if you do something wrong, that they will protect you and keep you safe, and that they will never abandon or hurt you.

Facing our Fears

You face many of your own personal challenges and the demons that you try to keep under wraps rear their ugly heads, usually at the most inopportune moments. You are forced to face your fears…Your fear of not being good enough. Your fear of not knowing what is next for you. Your fear of not knowing why you even exist on earth. Your fear of not wanting to make waves, even if it makes you uncomfortable and takes you out of your power. Your fear of speaking your truth even if it hurts someone you deeply love.

Experiencing Tantra Ecstatic Response

You explore your own ecstatic response. Maybe you will feel surges of energy flowing through your body. Perhaps you will experience a full body energetic orgasm. Or maybe you will feel nothing because your energy centers are all blocked. Through active Osho meditations and deep intense breathing, you begin to open up some of those energy centers so that you can feel more…more joy, more pain, more love, more sadness, more life.

Healing Sexual Wounds

You explore your own sexuality. From getting to really know the anatomy of male and female genitals to listening to what your Yoni has to say to you. You are given the unique opportunity to heal your sexual wounds and to learn how to help your partner heal theirs. You witness among your new family how wounded we all are from sexual trauma and abuse, physical threats to our safety, pain of circumcision, surgeries, and childbirth. You bear witness to the healing that occurs in the room. You honor the screams of pain as traumatic memories come to the surface and you rejoice as these somatic holdings morph into screams of pleasure.

Finding a New Family

You come together as a community. You dance, you touch each other in both loving and sensual ways, you share in each other’s ecstasy and agony, you support each other through the journey whether it’s by giving a hug, lending an ear, or holding each other in the midst of a transformational meltdown. You witness strong, macho men bawling like babies as their heart begins to crack open and they understand for the first time ever how powerful vulnerability is. You watch as relationships with strong foundations grow even stronger and those with fault lines crack open to either be healed or to be dissolved with love and kindness. You witness sensational acts of courage that leave you breathless and you feel a sense of accomplishment when one of your friends finally gets the message about how to change their life.

Getting Real

You have times when you feel raw and vulnerable and want to hide from the world. And you experience many more moments of ecstasy and bliss when you are on top of the world and there is no stopping you. You identify your superpowers and you share deeply from your heart with a small group of your new best friends.

True Tantric Transformation

You leave as a different person than when you arrived. A new door has been opened to you and there is no turning back. Tantra has transformed you, has given you a new appreciation for yourself, your partner, and the crazy world around us, which has become just a little less insane.

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