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The Power of Mind Body Medicine

The Power of Mind Body Medicine


Sometimes clients show up at my door in pain.  Not just emotional pain, but intense physical pain. Often our sessions are able to heal that pain by just allowing the body to express deeply buried emotions.  When that’s not successful, I call upon an expert in Mind Body Medicine, who I happened to have been married to and who himself experienced the power of the mind healing the body.

He had such a positive  result with a client of mine who was literally on the doorstep to back surgery, after having not had a single bit of back pain her entire life, that  I’ve asked him to share his wisdom with our community.

Here’s the guest blog post from Al Pailet. 

How could a guy with zilch medical or scientific training such as I, in the space of a single half-hour phone call with one of Xanet’s clients, override everything which conventional Western medicine  had convinced her about her excruciating, debilitating chronic lower back pain?

  •  A ruptured disc in her spine was the culprit
  • She required invasive surgery pronto
  •  There were certain activities in which she could not and may not ever again be able to partake
  •  The surgery very possibly wouldn’t work all that well
  • There was a very real risk of “re-injury” and the need for more surgery
  •  Even in the best case scenario her life still would never be quite the same

It was easy really to set her well on her way to being 100% cured. I’ve done the same for countless other people over the years using the principles of mind body medicine.  Once I cured a physician I’d never met, who was scheduled for disc surgery the very next day, in the span of one phone call!

Rarely is the fallacy of the mind-body distinction more powerfully, irrefutably and tragically on display than when it comes to those ubiquitous chronic life-derailing ailments such as back, neck, knee, hip, elbow, wrist, jaw, you name it, pain and many other common ailments and syndromes.

For in these cases, not only has conventional Western medicine failed abysmally in treating them (much less curing them), it has completely missed the correct diagnoses in the vast majority of cases.

This results in exorbitant surgeries, pharmaceuticals, injections, adjustments, therapies, stretches, exercises, and devices of little benefit to the patients. None of this would be necessary if practitioners understood the power of mind body medicine.

This is also the reason why “alternative medicine” is of limited or no benefit in treating these ailments. They may provide less invasive, more holistic, more Eastern, more “progressive” treatments, but they’re still tethered to the same erroneous diagnoses.

What I offered to Xanet’s client was not an alternative treatment to her supposed disc problem such as acupuncture, chiropractic, hypnosis, etc. – I offered her a completely different explanation for her back pain.

This had nothing to do with discs, misalignments or any other structural defects.

Yes, for very real physiological reasons her back hurt every bit as bad as she claimed, but the ultimate culprit was not a disc, but her  SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

Her mere willingness to entertain what I was telling her substantially alleviated her pain and mental anguish.  Once she accepted the correct diagnosis, the pain literally disappeared over night and she is 100% back to her normal activities.

Miraculous? Farfetched? Hogwash? Not at all. I’ll explain more about the power of mind body medicine in my next post.


Al Pailet is a former mergers and acquisitions attorney turned playwright and lyricist who writes under the pen name A.D. Penedo. www.adpenedo.com His new hit off-Broadway musical is now playing in NYC at the Actor’s Temple Theater  www.whoisyourbaghdaddy.com.  Feel free to contact him at adpenedo@gmail.com

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