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Six Tips to Help You Get Through Valentine’s Day

Six Tips to Help You Get Through Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner.  While it’s true that this has become a Hallmark commercialized day, for many of us it still holds a lot of significance.  One of my mentors said that Valentine’s Day is for women, what the Super Bowl  is for men.  Ignore it at your own peril!  Whether you love it or dread it here are some tips to get through the day.

  • Remember that the love we celebrate is not just romantic love. Celebrate the love that you have for your kids, your family, and your friends.  They all deserve to receive a Valentine’s from you. Even letting them know that you are thinking about them by sending a quick text will make a world of difference.


  • Send yourself a Valentine. Do something special for you… a manicure, a facial, a new outfit. This is particularly important if you are single this Valentine’s Day.  Do not let yourself wallow in loneliness.  Valentine’s day is as much about self love as it is love for someone else.


  • Guys, if flowers or chocolate are on the agenda, make sure that they are the highest quality and something unusual, not just the run of the mill grocery store red roses or cheap heart box of chocolates.  There are  gourmet chocolates all over the internet.    And you will get more points for sending flowers during the day rather than just handing it to your partner when you get home at night.  Your partner will appreciate the extra thought and effort.


  • Instead of going out to eat and battling the Valentine’s day crowds, plan an intimate meal at home. Cooking it together can be fun and even sexy.  Serve comfort foods, lots of good wine and be sure to have something special for dessert like strawberries and whip cream which you can feed each other.


  • Give your partner the gift of touch…a one hour massage will earn you many more points than a pound of chocolate.  Use lots of oil and find out what type of touch your partner wants.  Deep muscle therapeutic massage can be delicious and relaxing.  If you’re planning on getting romantic, then be sure to add some sensual touch to heighten sensation.


  • Finally, make every day Valentine’s Day by doing an act of loving kindness each and every day.

What tips do you have for Valentine’s Day?  Let me know below.


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