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Six Things About My Sex Life I Am Grateful For

Six Things About My Sex Life I Am Grateful For

In this week of Thanksgiving, I turn inward and express gratitude for the love and  sex life I have manifested.

I Practice Tantra and Conscious Sexuality

Adopting Tantra and Conscious Sexuality has been a major force in my life.  It has given me a framework to create and explore new relationships with myself and others.  It has helped me understand that sex is not just a physical activity.   It is a merging of our spiritual, physical, energetic, and emotional bodies. My sex life is so much the richer for this knowledge.

I am Fully Sexually Expressed

This has not always been the case for me. In fact, like many women who married very young and are just coming out of very long relationships, my sexual awakening came much later in life.  Perhaps because of feeling that I missed out on so much, I was able to really open myself up to all the possibilities of loving my body and my sexuality.  And my sex life in my 50’s is better than even I could have imagined!

I Know My Boundaries and Communicate Them

Understanding and being able to communicate boundaries is a huge issue for women and I struggled with this for such a long time.  But now I know immediately what I need to feel safe and if that safety is not there my boundary doesn’t get crossed.  I’ve also learned to listen to my body, especially my Yoni (Sanskrit for Pussy).

 I Have Realized that Sex Does Not Equal Love

This has been a hard lesson for me to learn but coming to this realization has greatly improved my sex life.  It has given me the ability to play and have fun and not get attached unless there is a true connection and we can establish intimacy.

Intimacy, Connection and Great Sex is a Winning Combination

For the past six months I have been able to experience how powerful and beautiful sex can be when you have true  intimacy and a deep emotional connection with your lover.  I am so grateful for the gifts I have received from this relationship and look forward to manifesting this with my future beloved.

I Get to Share My Passion and Get Paid for It!

I often tell people that I have the best job in the world. Every day I get to teach men, women, and couples how to have a better sex life, fully express themselves and enhance intimacy.  Nothing makes me happier than when I see a shift happen in my clients. Whether it’s a realization that they have been holding back on expressing their emotions, finding new ways to experience pleasure, or helping to create a rare intimate moment between a couple, I am able to use my skills, knowledge, intuition and compassion to help transform other people’s sex life.  And that my friends is the greatest gift I have ever received and for which I am truly grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!


What  about your love and sex life are you grateful for? Leave Comments Below!





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