How Sex can Improve Your Business and Career

How Sex can Improve Your Business and Career

I recently gave a talk to a group of women about the secret ingredient to help improve their business and career!  Here’s the best news…It won’t cost  a dime, it will fill you and fulfill you, bring lots of pleasure, and has an unlimited supply.   Yes it’s true!  Sex is the secret ingredient to improve your business.  And this holds true for you men as well!  You can watch the whole talk here and read the summary below:

Improve your business & career by tapping into your creative power

The ability to create life is the most potent energy on this planet. It is the center of our creativity and our power. When our sexual center is unblocked and our energy is flowing we can not only create life but also create new ideas, new businesses, new clients, new money, and new relationships.  The law of attraction works to improve your business since sexual energy is a magnet for all that we wish to create.

Bring the Seducer and Seductress into your business

One skill that we learn during sex is the art of seduction and this can be very useful in business as well.   This is a skill that men are generally better at since they have been socialized to be the initiators in business and sex.


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