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New Year’s Quest: Find More Joy!

New Year’s Quest: Find More Joy!

This time of year, everyone makes their New Year’s resolutions.  Lose weight, get fit, blah blah blah.

What about something fun?

I saw a meme that inspired me to do this – someone made their resolution to try as many different pasta shapes as possible during the new year!

Resolutions don’t have to be about self-discipline.  Sure, we can “resolve” to improve perceived flaws, but what about resolving to have more joy?  To love more?  To laugh?

Joy-filled Resolutions to try out for 2024:

Try a new restaurant at least 2x a month
Cook more ethnic foods
See how many different bodies of water I can explore on my paddleboard
Have a spa day at least 1x a month

Or, perhaps even better yet, what if we resolved to let go of the ways in which we perceive ourselves as flawed?

What if we accepted that we are enough, just as we are?

That we are not too much, but just the right amount?

What if we resolved to heal the wounds that keep us feeling like we have to achieve, to overcome, to be better?

What if this was the year we healed?

And what if this was the Year we Sought More Pleasure?

Savored this one wild and precious life?

I’m not suggesting that “doing” isn’t valuable.  It is!  But So is looking closely at what we’re doing and having the insight to realize whether we’re acting from a place of hurt.

I asked a friend who was agonizing over a new song what drives him to create.

He had two answers.  The first was that he loves creating, that the act of creation brings him joy and pleasure.  The other was that he seeks validation, wants to be told he’s doing a good job.

I asked, “What if you healed the wound that makes you seek the validation?  What if you could pursue art just for the sake of art, and not do it to please or impress others?”

He dodged the question.

And I pressed harder.

He feared that, without seeking validation, he would lose his motivation.

But I assured him, and I will assure you:  You don’t need it.

And further!  When we create from a space of joy, and not from a desire to be “liked,” our expression is purer, more beautiful, more the voice of Self than the voice of a part needing attention or affirmation.

So will you do it?

Will you seek more joy this year?

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