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Mask Up for Romance!

Mask Up for Romance!

Mysterious. Alluring. Naughty. A mask intensifies sexual anticipation so that even the most familiar of lovers can suddenly become exotic.

It’s time to reclaim the mask.

In the days of COVID-19, the word “mask” has acquired a new set of meanings, but for those who love to love, a mask is also a tool of seduction and intrigue…a lover’s best friend.

Masks suggest intrigue. When you hide your face, you immediately change identity. You highlight certain features: your jawline, hair, lips, and eyes. A mask creates a fantasy of the unknown, a promise of the unexpected, a foreshadowing of a new adventure.

With Halloween less than a week away, you have a chance to remember all the beautiful mystery of the masquerade. Make way for the mask that matters in your bedroom: the mask of seduction.

Masks Bring Mystery Into Romance

A mask conceals what is most familiar and allows us to see each other in a new way– even evoking fantasies or unusual story lines. Perhaps you become Cleopatra or a troubadour who has walked miles to serenade your lover.

Masks keep something hidden from your partner(s), suggesting there is something new they have never known or experienced before and invite them into a process of unveiling.

My client Lauren recently shared how an unexpected gift from her husband added new excitement to her marriage of 17 years:

My husband is an actor and he bought me a mask in France while he was performing there. It was a gorgeous white, red, and purple mask with glitter and ribbons and looked really good on my skin and with my hair. He had one that matched in style with a black background. It was exciting to make love to him as a masked man–in a way I had never seen him before…the hidden portion of his face allowed for some luscious imagination.

Masks Give Us Permission

During Medieval times, masquerade balls were part of Europe’s carnival festivities. The masquerade included pageants, parades, and grand balls where participants wore elaborate costumes, with masks allowing them to express themselves more freely. Carnival celebrations were intended to free the mind and body from the constraints of the societal norm, and the masquerade was the perfect way for one to completely throw off the shackles of constraint and, to put it mildly, go wild.

A mask can give you permission to become another person and explore aspects of your sexuality you may otherwise hide away. Behind the veil of a new identity, you can become sexier, naughtier, more assertive or submissive.

Being partially or fully concealed allows you to set aside your usual persona. When you do so, you can loosen your inhibitions and experiment with new ways of expressing yourself and responding to your lover(s).

Masks are Kinky

The power exchanges of BDS&M are particularly rich for the exploration of masks. You can wear the leather masks of a dom or domme while placing hoods of submission to symbolize your complete control over your submissive. It is one thing to become a top or a bottom but another to dress the part completely and transform the face, neck and shoulders in ways that indicate ownership or power.

Some people find their kink in wearing leather puppy masks, showing their complete devotion to their “owner” while others enjoy what a pussy mask evokes as they frolic with feline fun. The masks allow you to literally “try on” different power roles and even assume some of the devotion and sexy furry seduction of your favorite pet!

Masks Lead to the Big Reveal

The masks, and the roles and stories they embody, represent a tempting break from the ordinariness of your life. And there are as many ways to shed the new identity as there are to create it.

Masks, like lingerie or sexy boxers, increase the tension of the big reveal. Some lovers enjoy the excitement of peeling away their mask with their clothing. Others keep their masks and new identities firmly in place, enjoying all the mystery and intrigue of making love to a partially concealed partner, whose real identity and story remains hidden.

Masks invite you to unveil your passion or the kinky roles you would like to explore. They allow you to let go in new ways and see your partner(s) with a different perspective. And then, without any harm to yourself or others, you can shed the colorful masquerade and return to your (vanilla) identity in the morning.

Halloween is a great time to experiment with masks and liberating yourself from your usual persona and ways of being in the world.

A variety of masks from sequin-dotted Harlequin style to leather-studded are available online and at local costume stores to meet your personal aesthetic and sexual tastes.

In the privacy of your bedroom, you can forget COVID-19 for a few nights –and mask up instead for romance!

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