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March 14: Mmmmm… Steak & BJ Day!

March 14: Mmmmm… Steak & BJ Day!

Mark your calendars!  On what is otherwise known as “Pi Day” (March 14), we can also celebrate “Steak and Blowjob Day.”  While this may be more of an internet meme than a real holiday, it’s still kind of sexy and fun.

The holiday was created in 2002 by a disgruntled radio DJ in response to his dislike of Valentine’s Day, which falls exactly a month before.  Then his followers (ahem) swallowed it.  Twenty years later, not many people know about it.  (Indeed, I just learned about it this year.  But I’m game for celebrating anything sex-related, so I added it to my calendar!)

The holiday is non-commercial and pretty self-explanatory.  You don’t have to buy a card or flowers.  You just cook a steak and perform fellatio.  Or, if either or neither of these things is your jam, then modify it to suit your own preferences.  Celebrating any day with food and sex seems win/win.

In my work I see a lot of male clients who have body shame issues around their penis, which I’ve written about here.  If this shame shows up in your relationship, it might be very healing and helpful to celebrate this day, directing lots of loving energy on your partner’s cock.  In my book, I talk about how to do this, offering examples of compliments men need to hear about their cock.  You could try saying something like, “You have a beautiful cock.”  Or “I love your cock and the way it feels against my skin, in my mouth, in my pussy.”

While some people have scorned the Steak & a Blowjob holiday, claiming that it centers on men, this assumes that only men enjoy steak and blowjobs, which isn’t true.  There have also been complaints that the celebration removes choice, forcing women to submit to giving men blowjobs.  This is also not true.  Just as men can choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day or choose NOT to celebrate it, every person gets to choose whether to celebrate the holiday.  If steak and blowjobs aren’t your thing, this probably isn’t your holiday!  (It’s OK!  I don’t really like Easter, so I don’t celebrate it.  There’s no rule that says you have to celebrate any holiday.)

And for those who think this is too male-centric a holiday, just wait another month.  On April 14, we’ll celebrate Cake & Cunnilingus Day!

Happy celebrating, friends!

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