Making Sense of Orlando

Making Sense of Orlando

I had just returned home from the Ecstatic Festival.  Four days of love, connection, intimacy, and no internet connection, when I learned about the tragedy in Orlando.  I had a hard time wrapping my head around it, just like I”m having a hard time wrapping my head around the vitriol spewing from the mouth of Donald Trump.

I get that hate will sadly always be a part of the human condition.  From time immemorial those who were different, who did not toe the party line, who dared to speak their truth were ostracized, tarred and feathered, burned at the stake, marched to their death, and sent to the ovens.

I know that governments can be complicit in fueling the fire of hate…From ISIS, to Rwanda, to Nazi Germany.  But I never expected in my lifetime to witness a national politician who won his party’s presidential nomination spewing hatred and encouraging acts of bigotry, racism, and violence.

While the Orlando tragedy was not directly related to Trump, the response from the Trump campaign of “just desserts” was deplorable.  I feel so powerless right now…more so than ever…to help right the wrongs, to find  meaning in the senseless massacre in Orlando.   I didn’t know what to do…to say… I was silent on Facebook…and then I saw this video…. and I found an answer…

“Broadway for Orlando”: The Exclusive Music Video from Playbill on Vimeo.


100% of the proceeds of the song download goes to the LGBT Center of Orlando..  Please help bring more love to the world.






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