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How to make every day Valentine’s Day!

How to make every day Valentine’s Day!

Why can’t everyday be Valentines’ Day?

February is the month for love and romance and the Hallmark appointed Valentine’s Day celebration which grosses close to $20 Billion.  But Valentine’s Day for both singles and couples can be rife with frustration, regrets, and challenges.

Valentines Day makes many singles even more aware of their single status and the lack of a romantic connection in their lives.  While some couples can embrace and enjoy the day and each other, there are just as many for whom this holiday brings up dread.

There is the feeling of the obligatory “we need to have sex”, rather than we want to have sex.  The rush to grab flowers or chocolate or jewelry and go to a crowded restaurant for dinner.  Even our children feel the pressure around Valentines Day and having to chose who or who not to send a Valentine to at school.

What’s supposed to make this day special is appreciating and professing love for yourself or for your partner.  But why chose one day out of 365 for this activity?  Shouldn’t we be doing this everyday of our lives?

Here are Five ways to make every day Valentine’s Day :

  • Give your partner or yourself one appreciation every day including on Valentine’s Day.  This is a lot harder to do than it sounds.  It is far easier for us to complain than it is to acknowledge.  The number one complaint I hear from both my male and female clients is that they do not feel appreciated and their efforts are not acknowledged.


  • Find five minutes to connect with your partner every day.  A quick check in to see how each one of you is feeling about your relationship can do miracles to stave off resentment and keep the romance alive.


  • Be present to all of the Valentines in your life.  It’s easy to sink into despair about what we don’t have.  Instead focus your attention and energy on what is going right in your life and your relationship.


  • Fall in love with someone new every day.  A client, a customer, a sales person who goes out of their way to help you, a teacher, a health care practitioner.  They all deserve and will appreciate your love.


  • Most importantly, you are your own Valentines so go out of your way every day to love and appreciate yourself, your uniqueness and the amazing gifts that you bring to the world.



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