My Love & Hate Affair with My Vagina

My Love & Hate Affair with My Vagina

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My Love and Hate Affair with My Vagina

Here are some interesting responses:   This one is from   Meg Richichi, a Fertility Specialist:

Did you know there’s a powerful connection between a woman’s heart, uterus and vagina? This article is a must read for all women trying to conceive! I believe it’s in a woman’s nature and biology to create. In Chinese Medicine the uterus (And, I include the magnificent vagina!) is referred to as the “small heart”. Cultivating joy and pleasure in the bedroom plays a huge role in cultivating a woman’s fertility. The uterus is so much more than a physical container for her potential child. Energetically, it’s the cradle of a woman’s creative essence. Ultimately, what a woman bring forth into this world gives birth to who she is everyday. A woman’s internal world is the “mother within”. This “mother within” creates everything in her life- “the sacred living child.” Having fabulous orgasms is good medicine for the “big” and “small” heart.

And here’s one from a new Facebook Friend:

Three years ago, I was dating a woman who said she couldn’t have sex because it hurt. Also, her ex-husband and a subsequent partner both told her she was frigid and unresponsive, and she believed them. She avoided physical intimacy. 
The first time we were really intimate, it astounded her that she had 6 to 8 orgasms (she said they started running together, and she was so focused on the overwhelming pleasure that she forgot to count) and she realized that the only thing wrong with her was being with partners who didn’t care enough about their partner, and who didn’t have the knowledge, skills, and patience she needed. 
She and I decided before moving on to intercourse that we weren’t suited to be emotional relationship partners and amicably separated. 

To this day, I am happy and proud about what I helped her realize about herself.  Ben Braver

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