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Hello, Universe. I’d like to order some LOVE.

Hello, Universe. I’d like to order some LOVE.

As most of us know, Valentine’s Day can be a difficult time for single people.  All around us, we see reminders of happy couples in love, buying gifts for each other, professing their love publicly, posting photos of their romantic dinners and trips.  As a single person, you might think:  My God!  Enough!

This is OK.  Valentine’s Day is one of the most commercialized holidays, and it’s easy to feel frustrated with a holiday that celebrates romantic love mainly by encouraging people to buy things.  (It’s a $23 billion dollar holiday! Woah!)

But as a single person, you have a great opportunity.  First, you don’t have to literally “buy” in to the holiday; and second, you can use the holiday to inspire you to do something creative and fun.

Most likely, you’ve seen “vision boards” before – collage-type art pieces made by cutting out images and words that appeal to you and you want in your life.  I suggest taking it a step further and making a LOVE vision board, one geared toward the love you want in your life.  Do you want warm, connected, romantic love?  Do you want spicy sex, lots of kink?  Both?  (Don’t limit yourself! You can have both!)

You can do this by yourself, but it may be more fun to get together with another friend and make them together.  However you do it, these are the things you’ll need:

  1. Firm backing (an art canvas works great, but so does a piece of foam board or even thin, painted plywood).
  2. Lots and lots of images.  You can buy magazines, or just ask around if anyone has any to give you.  Ask at your library because they often have a table full of magazines to give away.
  3. Glue.  Aileen’s tacky glue or rubber cement work well, but any glue will do.
  4. Scissors.
  5. A good music playlist.  Something sexy, fun, and foreign-language is my pick, but choose what works for you.
  6. Refreshments.

I recommend starting off with setting an intention.  Light a candle and ask for wisdom and inspiration to guide you in your choices.  Perhaps cast an erotic spell with solo sex magic.

Find images that convey the things you’re desiring, cut it all out, and glue it together to make something beautiful.  Be open to the process unfolding as it does.

Some of the things that show up on your vision board may surprise you – that’s good!  And some things you thought belonged there maybe won’t “fit,” and that’s also fine.  The process will help you see and refine what you want, and making something tangible out of these desires will help the universe bring you the LOVE you want and deserve.

And lest you think that vision boards are all “woo woo”, I met an amazing new love two weeks after I finished this vision board. Much to my surprise, he was actually on this board.  There’s a pillow on his sofa that says”totally cozy” and we just took a trip to the beach in Florida and rode bikes on the sand.  Also he looks exactly like the picture from the back!

This isn’t the first time that I’ve called in love from a vision board, as well as other wonderful experiences in my life.

So go be creative, let the energy flow, and bring the  love you desire into your life this Valentine’s Day!


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