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Fun Things To Do If You Are Single On Valentines

Fun Things To Do If You Are Single On Valentines

Being single doesn’t have to mean being miserable on Valentine’s Day! You can actually do some really enjoyable things if you are partner-less on Valentines (and they don’t all involve sobbing into a container of ice cream while watching The Notebook)!

Do Something Nice For You

Spoil Yourself

If there isn’t someone buying you roses or chocolate, there is nothing that says that you can’t buy some for yourself! The trick here is to spoil yourself from a place of self-love and not self-pity. Here are some of my favorite little indulgences:

Bathe (or Shower!) By Candlelight

Nothing says “relax” like a hot bubble bath, surrounded by your favorite scented candles. Bring a glass of wine or a book, turn on a spa music station on Pandora, and, voila! Heaven in a tub!

After you get out, spend a little extra time babying your skin by slathering on your favorite lotion.

Face Time!

I’m sure you’ve been reading about luxurious skincare routines touted by celebrities or magazines- why not use Valentine’s as an excuse to test one out? Make sure you have at least a good face scrub or makeup remover, an eye cream, and a luxe nighttime moisturizer or cream.

For some extra fun, add in a fancy sheet mask or a fancy serum.

Celebrate Your Freedom

If you are still feeling a bit down and lonely, maybe it is time to change your perspective a bit. Yes, it can be great to be partnered up, but there are plenty of things that you can enjoy as a single person that you should appreciate while you still have them.

For instance, as a single, you get the whole bed to yourself- no one hogging the covers or waking you up with loud snoring! And if you feel like watching two musicals or action movies back-to-back, no one complains! There are no one else’s socks on the floor, no one leaving hair in your sink, and no one “forgetting” to change the roll of toilet paper (again!).

You can go to the gym anytime you want, hang out with friends until the wee hours with no one making you feel guilty about it, or go window shopping for hours. Your time is your own.

Sure, many people want to end up coupled, but while you are single, make a point to appreciate it!

Have Some “Personal Time”

You didn’t think that you’d read an article on a sexuality coach’s website and not find something on this list that was a bit sexy, did you?

If you don’t have a special someone making sweet, sweet love to you this Valentines, there is absolutely no good reason why you still can’t experience pleasure! Plan ahead a little bit and order a fun toy online (any good company will send it in a plain, unmarked box- no need to be shy!), and don’t use it until Valentine’s night. Set the mood, turn on some music, and really be present with your body. Take your time, deeply feeling each sensation. And who’s to stop you from going back for seconds later?

Do Something Nice For Someone Else

Parent’s Night Out!

Have a friend or coworker with children who never gets a night off? Volunteer to watch their kiddos for the evening so that they can have a night on the town with their partner. You can even have some arts-and-crafts time while they are out- what could be more fun than being gifted with a heartfelt gift from their children when they return for pickup?


There are plenty of lonely people out there who, for one reason or another, need a bit of help. Make someone else’s day brighter by volunteering at a soup kitchen, visiting a nursing home (how many people in there are without their spouse or partner?), or hosting an event for other singles at your church or community center.

Be There For Someone

Do you have a friend who has recently broken up with their significant other, or perhaps know someone who’s partner passed? Take them out for a “date.” Just try to think of somewhere that you could go that wouldn’t remind them too much of their lost love. They will definitely appreciate the company, and you’ll be helping them to remember that there is still love and joy out in the world, despite their loss.

Do Something With Someone Else

Hit The Town!

Grab your single friends and have a “Single’s Awareness Day” to remember! There are plenty of other partnerless peeps out there, so while all the lovey-dovey couples are at fancy restaurants, go hit up your favorite club, karaoke bar, or other local hotspot. Let loose and enjoy yourself.

Meet Someone New

If you don’t have any uncoupled friends, make some new ones! Try finding a fun activity on Meetup.com or in the community listings of your local newspaper. Try that activity that you’ve just been to shy or afraid to attempt in the past, or find a group that likes to do your favorite thing, like hiking, going to the movies, or wine tasting.

Throw a Single’s Awareness Dinner

Have lots of single friends? Host a dinner party or potluck at your place! You could even theme the party. A few fun ideas would be a classic movie night, were you could dress like your favorite characters, a spa-night in complete with aromatherapy and sheet masks, or a pajama party. You could even do something crazy like hire a private chef, tarot card reader, or mystery dinner company! Or if you’re all feeling a bit down about not having significant others, you could always give in and host an ice cream tasting party- just hold the side of tears!

The Moral Of The Story

Whatever you decide to do on Valentine’s, just don’t waste it feeling sorry for yourself and being miserable. There are so many fun things you could be doing, and so many interesting people that you could be doing them with. And remember, many other single people feel the same way that you do, and would love to have someone to do something fun with.

What are you going to do this Valentine’s?

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