Freeing the Female Orgasm, Part one

Freeing the Female Orgasm, Part one

Are you one of those women who have a hard time having an orgasm?  Trust me, you are not alone.  Difficulty achieving orgasm is one of the most common complaints that I receive from women.  There are many factors that can hinder orgasms but at the top of that list is the anxiety about not having an orgasm!  The more we worry about having an orgasm, the more stressed our body becomes and stressed bodies have a hard time relaxing, which is a key ingredient for freeing the female orgasm.  Here are a few simple steps that will get you on the road to having orgasms.

Step One:

Forget about having an orgasm!  There are hundreds of erogenous zones on the body.   Spend an hour or two with your partner taking turns just touching all the different parts of each other’s bodies, and leave your genitals completely out of the picture.

Step Two:

Touch your partner as if you were an alien and had never seen a human body before.  Discover all the nooks and crannies, go slow and savor each sensation.   Soft fleshy parts can be especially pleasurable.  Explore earlobes, cheeks, inside of arms, neck, backs of knees, belly, in between fingers and toes.  What’s your newest erogenous zone? What’s your favorite?

Step Three:

Whenever something feels really delicious, allow yourself to completely feel it in your body, and take some long deep breaths while your partner continues the touch.

Step Four:

Keep breathing and focus on what you’re feeling in your body as you are being touched.   The key here is to stay out of your head and completely focused on the sensations in your body.  Maintaining a deep, steady breath will allow you to stay in your body.

Stay Tuned for Part Two: The More you Breathe, the More you Feel.

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