Five Sex Advice Blogs You Should Read

Five Sex Advice Blogs You Should Read

Believe it or not I am not the only person on this planet writing a sex advice blog  so this weeks blog will introduce you to some other awesome sex educators whose sex advice columns  you should definitely check out.   Celeste and Danielle are rock stars! I just completed my Somatica training with them, an embodied approach to sex and intimacy coaching that they created.  They write about all things sex, several times a week, and also write a weekly sex advice blog for the Huffington Post Women online magazine.   I really like this website run and their frequent blog posts.  Keeley Rankin, a sexological body worker and Somatic practitioner and author Nikita Coulumbe  provide some really straightforward sex education information and great advice on dating, relationships, STDs, and porn.  Follow celebrity sex educator Jaiya, the creator of the video series, Red Hot Sex, in her VBlog Sex with Jaiya Show.  She covers a variety of different topics, interviews interesting guests, and demonstrates different techniques.  This is a really quirky but fun website run by Adina Rivers, a very cool women who lives in Bali and loves talking about sex.  She re-posts a lot of material but finds the coolest stuff.  Check out this article about the 14 most beautiful vaginas in the world.  Huffington Post is doing an amazing job in posting great articles about sex on a daily basis.  I find myself constantly intrigued with what they have to say and reposting their sex columns on social media. is the most consistent but there are also many articles in

What other sex advice blogs do you like to read, other than this one?  Please leave your comments below!


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  1. Bill Noble says:

    If you want a blog with crystal-clear feminism and an unwavering commitment to the science of sex, try The Dirty Normal []. Its author, Emily, is a Kinsey Institute PhD and sex and wellness educator at a prestigious university. Brilliant writer, married to a wacky internet cartoonist, always passionate and provocative.

  2. michael says:

    This was really informative thanks!!! This video helped me and my girlfriend out a lot aswell

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