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How to Have an Energy Orgasm

How to Have an Energy Orgasm

I’m excited to share with you a fantastic You Tube video of an energy orgasm that was created by Martha Tara Lee, a sexologist who lives in Singapore.  In this video, Martha demonstrates how you can use your breath and muscle contractions to generate orgasmic energy that flows through your body and she does it with her clothes on!

Pretty awesome, right?  I like this video showing energy orgasms for several reasons.  First of all, it’s gotten over 11,000 hits so far!  Second, she does a great job of teaching while totally being in the experience.  That’s a very hard skill to master.  Most importantly, there is a very clear explanation of how to move the breath around the body and incorporate muscular contractions.

Here are some key take aways if you want to have an energy orgasm.

  • Use a very quick breath rather than a deep relaxing breath.   You can definitely have an energy orgasm from deeper breath work, but this is the quickest way  to actually generate orgasmic energy from breath.
  • Start breathing from the perineum area (base or 1st chakra) and move up sequentially to the 2nd chakra (genitals), 3rd chakra (solar plexus/belly), 4th chakra (heart center), 5th chakra (throat), 6th chakra (space between eyebrows or third eye) and 7th chakra (top of head).  Each time you move to the next energy center or chakra, bring the energy and breath with you.
  • Incorporate PC (kegel) muscle contractions in your breathing.  This is a key ingredient and it’s considerably harder to generate this type of energy orgasm without it.  PC muscle contractions help to generate sexual energy in our genitals and connecting with this sexual energy intensifies the orgasmic release.   Here is some good information about how to use PC muscles and exercises you can do to strengthen the PC muscle.
  • After you have done this breathing for a while, for most people you will need to do this at least twice as long as Martha did, do a “big draw” breath.  This involves taking in three deep breaths, and holding the last breath while you are squeezing your PC muscle and squeezing all of your muscles, including scrunching up your face and fists.   Hold this breath for at least 30 seconds and then release.

This may take a bit of practice and some coaching but with persistence you too can experience an energy orgasm.

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