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Are You Living an Orgasmic Life?

Are You Living an Orgasmic Life?

, like my free Consider this question – What does it mean to live an orgasmic life?

I contemplate and answer this in my book Living an Orgasmic Life; and on today’s blog post, I will be taking you on a bit of that journey.

I was in one of my coaching programs doing a vision board (a very powerful method of putting your vision into life) when the title of this book just came to me…orgasmic life.

This idea of living an orgasmic life is something I’ve really concentrated on even before the fruition of this book, and it comes from the idea that the energy of an orgasm is about an easy flow, without a struggle. Also in Tantra, the second chakra, also known as the sacral chakra, which is where our sexuality lives, has the earth element of water, which also flows.    When I think about living an orgasmic life, I think about living a life that flows easily, where you do not have to work hard for the orgasm. I also strongly believe that we can all live an orgasmic life by tapping into our sexuality. Your sexuality is, therefore, the doorway to living this type of life. In Naomi Wolf’s book Vagina, she gives examples of different ways that women can start to connect with their sexuality, and how they really see positive changes when they do! I read this book around 2013, and I was right in the midst of all kinds of upheaval…

I left New York and moved to the west coast.  I stopped being a healthcare lawyer. I decided to do something in the area of sexuality, although I had no idea what it was.  I was in this place where things were just happening and doors were continuing to open. My creativity was flourishing. I decided to start a business, create a website, and write blog posts and; everything was falling into place.  I had several juicy lovers, explored the world of polyamory, and was incredibly connected to my body and my sexuality for the first time in my life.

When I read the sentence in Naomi Wolff’s book, “a woman’s vagina is the center of her creativity and power,” the lightbulbs just went on in my head. I realized this is why things are changing for me. This is why my life is just flowing and I’m feeling so creative and powerful. I was connecting with my own sexual energy.

My whole transition from leaving my life in New York City and moving to California was in large part about my own sexual healing and awakening. So that passage in her book truly shed light on the journey that I was on and why my life was changing at such a rapid pace.

  It makes perfect sense.

Now that I’ve experienced it, not only for myself but with so many clients, I see the full picture. Once we start connecting with our body and our sexuality- feeling and experiencing the pleasure of orgasm, we let go of the layers of shame and our life begins to flow. When we heal our sexual wounds and allow orgasmic life force energy to flow through our body, we begin to attract more of that life force energy and enter a state of flow which impacts every part of our life.


Another important way in which we live an orgasmic life is by listening to our intuition, which is also strengthened when we connect with our body and our sexuality. For me, as a left-brain lawyer, believing and listening to my intuition was very challenging because often the information I received intuitively was not logical. So I refused to listen to it to my own detriment.  

One of the worst financial decisions in my life was deciding to invest and raise money for the show, Dirty Dancing the Musical, which was a mega-hit in London. I went and saw it and I thought it was awful. I actually called my producing partner  during intermission and said I hated it and wanted to leave. She loved it and advised me to stay till the end. The crowd also loved it giving it a 10-minute standing ovation. I thought it was boring, unoriginal, and could not imagine it ever doing well on Broadway. My intuition was screaming at me not to move forward.  But the numbers on paper looked so good, and London was such a hit, that I decided to jump in.

The show was a complete financial disaster, received awful reviews in the U.S. and closed after a few months. If I had listened to my intuition, I would have saved me and my investors a lot of money

. But I didn’t trust my intuition at that time because I also did not know or trust my body. That trust goes hand in hand. When we start to embody our sexuality and connect to our intuition, we learn that it is there to guide us in decision making.

One of the greatest gifts of connecting with your sexuality is the ability to expand your intuitive powers. In some of my programs, I help people learn how to access their intuition more by listening to their body, like my free 14 Day Transformation Program My Awake Body.


Personal Growth

Another important lesson that I learned on my personal journey is that your sexuality is the fastest and most potent doorway to personal transformation and growth. How else can one explain how I went from being an uptight NYC health care lawyer living in a sexless marriage to a full-time sex and intimacy coach in my fifties, living orgasmically in every aspect of my life?

It’s the reason that I’m so passionate about the work that I do.  Massive transformation routinely happens when my clients connect with their sexuality and their life force energy begins to flow.

This can happen to you too.  You might find changes in your life circumstances, career, finance, relationships, and living situation. This is the best result of living an orgasmic life and it was one that I was not even aware of when I started my own journey of sexual awakening and healing. 

Challenges still happen… And I do want to say, just because you are or feel like you are living an orgasmic life, it doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges along the way.  It’s not like everything is nirvana. That’s just not realistic. Of course, there are challenges that will happen to us. We don’t know what life has in store. But when we are in this place of living an orgasmic life there is more openness to understanding what the gifts are that we are actually receiving. Think about it:

  • What does it mean for you to live an orgasmic life?
  • What does it mean when you are in flow?
  • How does flow feel in your body? How do you know that?

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to me. You can also join my Facebook group at Girlfriend Sex Talk- A Place For Women where we always have fascinating discussions and new information going out for you.

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