Passion in the Pandemic Module Registration

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July 15:  Boundaries & Attunement

  • Create & maintain healthy & loving boundaries
  •  Attune to and get in-synch with your partner
  •  Practices to deepen connection & intimacy5
July 22:   Communicate Your Heart’s and Body’s Desires
  •  Essential communication skills that will keep your relationship on track
  • Create safety around emotional conversations
  • How to ask for and get what you want in the bedroom

July 29:  Tantalizing, Teasing Touch

  •  Touching for your own pleasure
  • Creating erotic tension through touch
  • Explore sensation play

August 5:  Building Erotic Energy

  • How to romance & seduce your partner
  • Love language
  • Connect with different types of energy

August 12:   Tantra Love Making

  • Tantra 101
  • Basic Tantric practices
  • Tantra for lovers

August 19:  Core Desires

  • What drives your desires around sex
  • Learn the emotions behind your desires 
  • Explore your turn ons and fantasies